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Café Dapper VVA is not just any café. It is a meeting place for LGBTI people with mild intellectual disabilities.

Café Dapper VVA has been the monthly meeting for LGBTI people with a (slightly) understandable disability for more than 24 years. These events take place in a real café. This makes our guests feel inclusive.

Café Dapper VVA is not intended to date. Over the years, some wonderful relationships have flourished between some visitors, but the emphasis has been on building social contacts and making friendships in a safe and pleasant environment. Café Dapper VVA has become a large and close group of friends over the years.

Café Dapper VVA is a meeting café where we can meet in beautiful surroundings and where you can dance, chat and drink. We also maintain close contact with family and supervisors of our visitors. Family and supervisors are of course also welcome at our meetings.

You don’t necessarily have to be homosexual if you want to visit Café Dapper VVA. Everyone is welcome at Café Dapper VVA.  As long as there is mutual respect.

Our team facilitates and monitors open, smooth afternoon. We provide a safe and fun atmosphere. The Café Dapper VVA team has a listening ear and answers all your questions.

Feel free to come and take a look if you have become curious and it might be fun for you too. You can also make an appointment in advance (maybe your supervisor or a family member can do this for you) if you want to come.

Café Dapper VVA is part of COC Region Nijmegen.

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What is the objective of Café Dapper VVA?

Café Dapper VVA plays a crucial role in the community as it provides a safe and inclusive space for LGBTI people with mild intellectual disabilities. This is important because this group of people often has to deal with stigmas and exclusion in society. 

By creating an environment in which they can be themselves and be accepted, Café Dapper VVA helps these individuals increase their self-confidence and self-respect. In addition, the cafe offers them the opportunity to socialize and make friendships, contributing to their general well-being and happiness. 

In addition, Café Dapper VVA contributes to the diversity and inclusivity of the broader community by providing a platform on which people of different sexual orientations can meet and learn from each other. This helps to promote understanding and acceptance, ultimately leading to a more inclusive and tolerant society.

There are several ways to support Café Dapper VVA:

  1. Share information about Café Dapper VVA: You can share information about Café Dapper VVA with friends, family and acquaintances to increase awareness and visibility of the café. Here you will find a list of all meetings in the Netherlands such as ours.
  1. Follow Café Dapper VVA on social media: Follow Café Dapper on Facebook to stay informed of their activities and events. 
  1. Subscribe to their newsletter: By subscribing to the newsletter of Café Dapper VVA, you will stay informed about our news and activities.
  1. Contact Café Dapper VVA: If you have specific questions about how to help or have ideas or suggestions, please contact us via our contact form on their website. Go straight to the question form.

Each form of support helps advance Café Dapper VVA’s mission to provide a safe and inclusive space for LGBTI people with mild intellectual disabilities.

Where and when is Café Dapper VVA?

Café Dapper VVA takes place every fourth Sunday of the month, except July, August and December.

The meeting starts at 2 p.m. and lasts until 5 p.m. at Café De Kroeg Grotestraat 17 in Nijmegen.

There is then an opportunity to dance, chat or have a serious conversation. You can also listen to music, play a game, play a game of darts or have a nice drink. Coffee and tea are free and tasty snacks are also provided. The afternoon is busy every time with visitors from Nijmegen and far beyond and it can be a great opportunity to make new friends.

Check out our Facebook page for photos and other news.

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If you want to know more about Café Dapper VVA or have any questions, you can ask it here.

We invite our visitors to Café Dapper VVA and their families or supervisors to subscribe to our newsletter. We will then keep you informed of our Café Dapper VVA activities.

Comments and tips are always very welcome. We hope you enjoy this and will visit our site regularly.

Greetings from the Café Dapper VVA team René, Frans, Gerard, Wil, Danny, Patricia, Edith and Theo.