Our team

René Kusters-Oris

I was born in Eindhoven but moved to Nijmegen for my studies, and I’ve stayed there ever since. I’ve loved being a special education teacher in Nijmegen for over 30 years. My dogs, Siro and Thisong, join me as assistants in the classroom. Additionally, I’ve been volunteering at Café Dapper VVA for nearly 25 years, serving as a coordinator in recent years. In 2020, I was honoured with the title of Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau for my volunteer work and the contributions of my dogs in the classroom.

Frans Oris-Kusters

Hello! My name is Frans, and I am René’s husband. I was born in Turnhout, Belgium, and grew up in Arendonk in the Flemish Kempen. I moved to the Netherlands when I was around thirty and instantly fell in love with Nijmegen. During my first three years here, I worked at the Nijmegen Municipal Archives, where I learned a great deal about the city. After that, I transitioned to a career in healthcare.

For over 15 years, I have been a dedicated volunteer at Café Dapper VVA, where I host events and support René whenever needed. I also handle the administration and manage the website for Café Dapper VVA.

In my free time, I enjoy darts, football, and working with computers. I have a keen interest in Thailand and am fascinated by the Thai language and culture.

If you’d like to learn more about René and me, please visit our website.

Gerard Daniel

Hello. I am Gerard and I live in Huissen. I belong to the target group of Café Dapper VVA. Marriedly, I visit the events every month on a scooter in Nijmegen. I have also volunteered at Café Dapper VVA for years and I always prepare the snacks and assist behind the bar.

Wil Jansen

I am Wil and originally I am from Groesbeek, but I have lived in Nijmegen for a long time. I am a hostess at Café Dapper VVA. I am also the initiator of Pink Wednesday during the Nijmegen Four Days Marches. I accompany our guests during this event. Visitors to Café Dapper VVA can always contact me for a nice chat.

Danny & Patricia Van den Broek-Sterrenburg

Hello! We are Danny (the Entertainer) and Patricia from Den Bosch. For many years, we have been guiding people from our community to various locations across the country. We’re also founders of VVA (Friends for All Time). In 2024, VVA teamed up with Café Dapper. As hosts at Café Dapper, we not only welcome guests but also provide music during the social events.

Edith & Theo Cornelissen

Edith and Theo are the owners of café De Kroeg in Nijmegen. Every month they make their café available free of charge for our meeting afternoons. We have their kitchen available so that we can serve tasty snacks to our guests. They provide free coffee and tea for our visitors but also serve other drinks.

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