Here are some pictures of our monthly sozen.

From the old box

Café Dapper during the Pink Wednesday at the Four Days Marches Nijmegen

During Pink Wednesday on the Four Days Marches we will encourage the walkers together.

Group visit Mini Milkshake Amsterdam

This year we visited Mini Milkshake as a group. This was such a wonderful experience for our target group that we are considering making this an annual activity.


Last weekend the popular Milkshake festival took place in the Westerpark. Well-kept secret: for the real highlight of the festival you have to be at Mini Milkshake the day before. Café Dapper and the VVA were also well represented this time. Even René and Frans were present this year and loved it.

Lots to experience

‘Welcome to Mini Milkshake and have fun! ‘, a man (Fred van Leer) shouts with a megaphone from a high lifeguard chair. Mini Milkshake is already starting to fill up, even though the site has barely been open for half an hour. There is a lot to do this afternoon, such as dancing and going crazy at two different stages, playing bingo or putting on make-up and immersing yourself in glitter in the make-up tent.

Good atmosphere and diversity

Mini Milkshake has grown rapidly in recent years. In addition, the festival could count on many enthusiastic volunteers and supervisors this edition. The atmosphere of Milkshake suits people with an intellectual disability. The music, the rhythm and the bright colors: it is all very sensory and therefore very suitable for the lower levels. In addition, diversity is an important theme within Milkshake (the LGBTI community is strongly represented), something that often also applies to people with disabilities.

To be accepted

Just be yourself. Kissing is also part of that. Monique and Frans had a great time. Telling nice jokes to each other. What fun we had!!!

As the festival comes to an end, more and more clients find their way to and on stage. ‘Rah rah ah-ah-ah!’: a boy grabs the microphone and sings along to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. His name is Jess and he has been a visitor from the very beginning. Jess is an ambassador for Café Oké, a meeting place for LGBTI people with intellectual disabilities. ‘This atmosphere of togetherness suits me. I’m not afraid here either, it feels safe. And the outside world is sometimes ‘different’, says Jess.

It was a great afternoon and definitely worth repeating.

Op Mini Milkshake kan je lekker uit je dak gaan.

Visit of Café Dapper team to Soos VVA (Friends Forever)

We regularly visit the VVA club. The Friends Forever club is an initiative of our target group itself. The VVA is held in café de Tapperij in Den Bosch. In the shelter of Sint Jan you can enjoy Brabant hospitality and conviviality with respect for everyone. Artists regularly perform there selflessly for our target group. An initiative from our target group that we, as Café Dapper, are very proud of and support.

From 2024, Café Dapper Nijmegen and VVA Den Bosch have entered into a partnership.

Café Dapper VVA

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